Prevention of Mental Deterioration & Dementia

Dementia is not a single disease.

In fact it is a range symptoms which, when diagnosed simultaneously, combine to form the general diagnosis of ‘dementia’.

In order for a diagnosis of dementia to be made an individual must exhibit a loss of ability in at least two of these symptoms:

At the time of writing researchers have not found a concrete method of preventing dementia despite millions of pounds being devoted to this difficult area. The only evidence that has been uncovered suggests that leading a healthy lifestyle is the best way to safeguard yourself against the onset of some of the illnesses that can lead to the symptoms of dementia occurring.

Diseases such as stroke and heart attacks are considered major risk factors in the development of dementia, so any lifestyle changes that you can make to prevent those happening will be beneficial. Before we get into these changes, it’s important to note how the risk factors for dementia that are very difficult or impossible to change:

Some research has suggested that hearing loss, untreated depression, social isolation and sedentary lifestyles are also risk factors for dementia. These social factors can be hard to control or even notice, however they can be changed with the help of a good support network. It has been concluded that by changing the aforementioned risk factors you can reduce the chance of developing dementia by up to 30%.

The best way to guard against the onset of dementia and the risk factors associated with it is by: 

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